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Not for Profit Lawyer Townsville

wilson/ryan/grose has over 125 proud years of leadership in lawCarrying on the legacy of our forebearers as trusted advisors to Queenslanders is an honour in which we take great pride.

Our lawyers draw on real world experience from time spent on the boards of not-for-profit organisations and public/statutory bodies to offer expert and relevant advice to our clients.  Our team is led by Aman Bargri  who is also a qualified Chartered Accountant and has spent time as an auditor of not-for-profit organisations and public/statutory bodies.

 We utilise our experience, expertise, and well-established networks to offer a complete legal service to not-for-profit organisations, such as the following:

  • charities
  • statutory bodies
  • sporting organisations
  • community groups
  • disability support providers
  • educational institutions
  • religious organisations
  • galleries
  • museums

Each not-for-profit organisation faces unique challenges and legal concerns, and that is why it is crucial to have an effective legal structure in place. This is where wilson/ryan/grose can help. We can advise not-for-profit organisations on suitable legal structures, draft and review necessary documents, and offer guidance on tax matters specific to not-for-profits organisations. Our expert lawyers can help not-for-profit organisations navigate the laws affecting them, such as Corporation Act requirements, occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination, commercial transactions, and intellectual property.

Not-for-profit organisations must comply with a vast array of laws.  Many not-for-profit organisations have voluntary boards who are unfamiliar with such laws.  wilson/ryan/grose’s not-for-profit lawyers can shed light on the legal requirements and laws affecting your organisation and guide you through the relevant legislation and ensure ongoing compliance so you can focus on achieving the best outcomes for those relying upon you and your organisation.

Our Difference in Regional Queensland

Our commitment to the people and communities of regional Queensland is unwavering. As people who live, work, and raise families in regional Queensland, we have the lived experience to offer specialised advice relevant to regional Queenslanders.

We are in a unique position to identify and understand the challenges and opportunities faced by our clients and pride ourselves on our role as trusted advisors. Our values of trust, respect, integrity, and innovation are at the forefront of everything we do.

Our client relationships are enduring, built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. Contact our team today.


Frequently Asked Questions

What assistance can you offer not-for-profit organisations? 

Using our knowledge, expertise, and experience, wilson/ryan/grose is proud to offer a wide array of services to not-for-profit organisations including:

  • advice on laws affecting not-for-profit organisations;
  • advice on incorporation, fundraising, and registration;
  • drafting, preparing, and reviewing necessary documents, applications, registrations, and arrangements, protecting the organisation’s interests;
  • assistance in risk management, strategic planning, and dispute resolutions;
  • assistance in selecting appropriate legal structure(s);
  • advice on taxation concessions such as deductable gift recipient status and charitable status; and
  • company secretary services and advice.

To discover our full range of services for not-for-profit organisations, contact our friendly, professional team at wilson/ryan/grose.

How do law firms assist with compliance?

wilson/ryan/grose can assist not-for-profit organisations with compliance matters by guiding them through the necessary legislation and prepare and reviewing/updating relevant documents required by laws such as the Associations Incorporations Act and the Corporations Act. wilson/ryan/gro can help your organisation avoid legal complications and safeguard your reputation, so you can continue serving your community effectively.

What legal structure is best for a not-for-profit organisation?

There is no one answer for this — every not-for-profit organisation or charity is different, and their legal structure depends on a multitude of factors — but the two most common legal structures incorporated for not-for-profit organisations in Australia are:

  • Company Limited by Guarantee; and
  • Incorporated Association.

It is vital to select an appropriate legal structure to protect your organisation’s interests and ensure its success.  If your organisation is already established, advice can still be sought on the most appropriate structure, although it is most efficient to obtain such advice before the relevant organisation is established.

For more information and advice surrounding legal structures, get in touch with the lawyers at wilson/ryan/grose, who can help you decide on the most suitable legal structure for your not-for-profit organisation or charity.

What does ‘limited by guarantee’ mean for a public not-for-profit organisation?

‘Limited by guarantee’ means that the liability of a not-for-profit organisation’s members (if it has been established as a public company) is limited to the amount they choose to contribute if the company is wound up. The amount that company members contribute is established in the company’s constitution. Each company limited by guarantee usually sets out a constitution that governs the company’s internal affairs.

Public companies limited by guarantee are suited to conducting non-profit activities because they cannot pay dividends or issue shares — so no person can profit or control interest from a share sale.

If you need advice on legal structure for your not-for-profit organisation, reach out to the lawyers at wilson/ryan/grose today. We are experienced with the ins and outs of not-for-profit organisations, public and private companies limited by guarantee, incorporated associations, and other legal business structures.

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