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Wills & Estates

wilson/ryan/grose has over 125 proud years of leadership in law. We take great pride in carrying on the legacy of our forebearers as trusted advisors to Queenslanders.

Our specialised wills and estates law team has the ability, knowledge, and expertise to guide you through your end-of-life planning and the distribution of your assets.

Professional Guidance on Wills & Estates

With proven success at fulfilling our client's wishes and delivering excellent service, our wills & estates lawyers will help you with these matters:

  • Deceased Estates, including applying for a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration
  • Caveats
  • Insolvent Estates
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Validity of Wills
  • Removal of Executors
  • Statutory Wills
  • Estate planning, including Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Advance Health Directives and Superannuation Binding Death Benefit Nominations
  • Estate and asset distribution, including structuring and planning strategies
  • Business succession planning
  • Asset protection
  • Superannuation

Our experienced team can assist you to ensure your wishes are carried out in a timely and effective manner, during what can be a difficult and sad time for your family and loved ones.

The Best Specialised Wills & Estates Lawyers in Townsville 

Here at wilson/ryan/grose, we understand it can be challenging to consider your death. We strive to provide transparent, empathetic, and reliable services to fulfil your wishes. You and your loved ones will receive the best care and advice from our wills and estates lawyers, who have the expertise and experience to help you with honesty and respect. When you work with us, you ensure that your will is written in way that achieves your wishes, the probate process is smooth and time-effective, your estate is distributed in a timely manner and any disputes are resolved quickly and effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a wills and estates lawyer help me?

A good wills and estates lawyer can help you to draft your will, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Health Directive and Superannuation Binding Death Nomination to ensure your wishes are carried out upon your death.  They also assist with administrating a deceased person's estate. A wills and estates lawyer can help grant you the ease of mind that in the event of your death your worldly belongings, properties and finances will go to those individuals, organisations or causes you wish to give them to, with minimal stress and difficulty. 

Do I still need a will if I don't have that many assets?

A common misconception is that those without sizeable assets, funds or properties do not need a will. While it is not a legal requirement to write a will, ensuring your wishes are followed respectfully after your death is essential. A well-written and planned will can simplify the probate process, grant comfort and closure to your loved ones, and serve as your 'last words' in the event of your death. So, regardless of the size of your estate, it's recommended that you write a will if there's anything you own that you'd like someone else to have should you pass away.

What is estate planning, and why is it important?

Estate planning includes preparing for the transfer of assets after your death. Making a detailed estate plan is crucial to minimise the burden on your loved ones once you have passed away. This may also include setting up trusts and donations, making funeral arrangements, and appointing a testamentary guardian for your children. A good lawyer can help you plan your estate's distribution to ensure your wishes are followed and your loved ones are taken care of. 

What is probate, and why is it important?

A Grant of Probate proves your right to act as legal personal representative in the administration of an estate. A Grant of Probate is also the legal recognition that a person’s last Will is their last valid Will.

Obtaining a Grant provides you with the protection that an act lawfully and reasonably done by you in accordance with the Grant will not give rise to any personal liability on your behalf. 

An experienced wills and estates lawyer can make the probate process more concise, efficient, and stress-free.

Can a will be contested?

Yes. A will can be contested in the following scenarios:

  • If there are disputes over the will's validity, including allegations of undue influence and lack of testamentary capacity
  • If a deceased person’s spouse or dependent (including children and lawful step-children) can show they have not been adequately provided for by the deceased 

An expert wills and estates lawyer will evaluate the validity of any disputes and resolve them in a timely manner.

How do I choose the best wills and estates lawyer for me? 

If you need help deciding which wills and estates lawyer to choose, consider their experience and reputation. Look for a lawyer who specialises in wills and estates and has a proven track record of success. Once you've chosen one, schedule a consultation to get to know them and discuss your needs.

At wilson/ryan/grose, we have a team of experienced wills and estates lawyers who you can trust to provide the best guidance, advice, and assistance.

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