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Protecting Yourself in Family Law

By Callum Argaet

24th February 2022

Going through a separation can often feel overwhelming and there will be heightened levels of stress and anxiety.

There are some things you should just be mindful of during the separation process. To assist, there are a few Do’s and Don’t’s set out below.


  • Speak with professionals if you need to. If you have feelings of being overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, it may be helpful to speak to an appropriately qualified professional about issues and strategies to help you through this process.
  • Change passwords. If you have a lawyer, it is important to keep all communications with them confidential. For example, it might be a good idea to change your password for your email, or if you had a joint email, set up a new account altogether.


  • Spread the news. Be careful. Proceedings in the Family Court are confidential. You are restricted from publishing or disclosing documents from Family Court proceedings.
  • Think Social Media is a public forum. Statements you make, especially on social media are made in the public forum and will often be used as evidence in any current or future Court proceedings. Please consider the statements that you make on any social media platforms.

These are some simple and practical things to keep in mind that may assist you during the separation process.

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