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AI Technology for Separating Couples

By Callum Argaet

10th April 2024

AI technology has been developed by the Australian Government to assist separating couples reach agreement about their disputes in an efficient and low-cost setting. The AI technology, known as amica, can be found at

What Is It?

amica is designed to assist parties who are separating to resolve their parenting and property matters between themselves by using artificial intelligence technology.

For financial matters, amica uses artificial technology to suggest a split of assets based on the circumstances of your relationship, agreements reached by couples in similar situations and how the Court has dealt with similar matters.

For parenting matters, amica also suggests parenting plans based on the circumstances of your relationship, types of agreements reached by others in similar circumstances and how the Court will likely deal with the matter.

Who Can Use It?

amica can be used by anyone who has separated and needs to resolve their financial and/or parenting matters. amica’s digital platform can only be used if both parties sign up for it, which is initiated by one party sending an invitation.

Before couples start using the service, amica can check if the platform is right for you by asking some initial eligibility questions.

How Will amica Benefit Separating Couples?

amica will be a useful tool for separating couples if they have a low level of conflict when communicating. amica can help separating couples negotiate agreements themselves to guide them to a just and equitable resolution for financial matters and agreements that are in the best interests of their children.

The Fine Print

amica is a dispute resolution tool and provides information based on harvested data from previous family law matters. The information amica provides, including suggested outcomes is general legal information and is not legal advice. The information provided by amica is not a substitute for legal advice and independent legal advice should be sought regarding specific circumstances before entering into any agreement regarding your financial or parenting matters.

As amica does not provide legal advice, the information you provide is not protected by legal professional privilege which a person would receive when they consult with a lawyer.

amica is not considered to be:

  • Legal representation;
  • Legal advice;
  • Dispute resolution for the purposes of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth);
  • A decision of any Court or Tribunal; or
  • A legally binding outcome

Any suggested split of assets or parenting arrangement is not an indication of an outcome obtained at Court and does not guarantee the outcome amica suggests.

amica can be a useful tool for some couples, however unless and until a Court order is made, any agreement reached between the parties using amica is not legally binding and is subject to being overruled by the Court at a later date.

Any information exchanged with the other spouse is considered to be provided on a “without prejudice” basis.

amica’s terms of service require people to provide information in good faith, without misrepresentation and provide full and frank disclosure of financial circumstances.

Before using amica, consider the Privacy statement and how amica will use your personal information.

Parties with any questions or wishing to ensure agreements are binding under the Family Law Act should contact our office for assistance.

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